Tantalizing thunderstruck, tenaciously

trotting house way,

set round table,

cheese, bread, wine,

Feel as if been

traveling with one another,

long journey, months passed,

one year for me,

Weathered us, seems

like A century,

let attempted thought

people write there

Nonhuman no understanding low

bar evaluations & what not’s,

only one Pilot G-2 05

wordsmith industry cleansing champ,

Oh, how so

wanted run that

down to one

hundred & twenty five

Drinkable word slaps, only

matter of clock tics,

for sure, see Dawn

at next event, place

Me on tour,

oh no forgot,

sacrificed this dream

for all two,

This told for said,

two forces on BlueChild

only should be one,

pointed ears point, shadow

Riders ride, Hoatzin

garden bird, clawing

braches from hobblebush,

inappeasable please no,

If you knew

stuff I know, &

I knew stuff

you know,


Would know to,

,some, not all

at  least

~Some Sun~  

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