Green leaves, green leaf,

tree all no most,

you or they, all can

but see, all same seen,

At called time all die,

float from A tree,

feed our dirt,

smart trees feeding them self’s,

Shedding the dead,

bracing for gale force winds,

wind blows, blows,

& blow’s, root depth

Deeper, not understanding

you can not rip out,

up root, weather, A


Blue Hue

tree of sky,

birds always chirp

When light will DAWN

upon us, of all, as hole,

wind died,

birds chirp,

Tree blooms

in A stars gift,

now nest birds,

you are safe in this tree,

Make life,

fill with sound

of chirping, happy,

love me, all birds,

Oh green leaf of

the new old,

leaf of acid, coke, & pot

that green leaf

Still ok, he, was is

my girl, EMILY .D,

not A spirit

to be reckon with,

If hear, her here,

she would fight you


Everything knows

she lived & died,

as did Monroe,

for people as eye,

Now robbed, twisted,

rerouted past,

left future, future

left past, past

Will see future,

not what these

lovely spirits wished,

wanted, or dreamed

Scalding mad,

great are,

wall’s grow

~For This~


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