Blind Pen




To my friends, & fellow Pen

regardless what A bird heard,

be all around sweet love,

A poet here to stay, not moving,

Plated roots as I grow beyond

conventionality conventions,

heed my brain extension,

profound noun, profane pro legalistic

Unrealistic, know not, know now,

realistic now they thee simplistic,

talk to folks tell them,

the seen, watch scene change,

Landscape blossom, people blossom,

humanity wins, human’s win,

that’s what we call A win, win,

A horse was not pulled from the stable,

Fresh ink, seven fifty three am,

Friday morning, good morning, Getty up,

one more upon thousands more,

pen will not slow, Pen was yelling,

Telling, only if every human

was listening, or at least ones had

chance, instead, just glance, why,

make’s no sense to sweep

A poet under A rug, deeper just dug,

there telling us, they need to

rob the earth, plunder

the blue from our sky,

Rape the blue from our water,

what do we do Pen,

so hard to box A tiger swan,

do not blame you for that,

Now oil flows, thousands gallons, minutes,


not working PEN,

now the drum beats louder, harder,

Hearts shrink in sun,

they have come for our blue,

real letters, true poet pen,

that’s A win, win,

They can attempt to ignore my pen

all day, not possible,

my pen as wind, must reach every human,

so help all, for help,

help to help, help you,

Help me, help all,

for help sake,







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